ArtsNet Society

ArtsNet is based in Whitehorse, Yukon. It began in 1998 as a collective of performing arts organizations working on common goals and cooperative activities. It now serves as a cultural industry association for artists, arts organizations and cultural businesses in the Yukon. Its priorities include:

  • the sharing of information
  • the encouragement of joint planning
  • the undertaking of joint projects and programming
  • the coordination of performing arts advocacy initiatives
  • the development of capital infrastructure for the performing arts

ArtsNet Mailing List

The ArtsNet Mailing List is a public discussion board for the arts and culture community in the Yukon.

Although it is a public list you must subscribe in order to receive the list traffic and to post to the list. This is an un-moderated list so please use discretion in your postings and replies.

The list is set to Reply to Sender; choosing Reply All will send your response to both the Original Sender and The List.

How do I access the ArtsNet Mailing List?

Please click here to download Frequently Asked Questions on subscribing, posting, unsubscribing, changing delivery modes and accessing archives.

ArtsNet magazine

From 2004 to 2008 the association published ArtsNet magazine. The magazine was then transferred to Harper Street Publishing as part of their Yukon, North of Ordinary publication.

ArtsNet Cover 2004 ArtsNet Cover 2005 ArtsNet Cover 2006 ArtsNet Cover 2007 ArtsNet Cover 2008

Board of Directors


Scott Wilson


Al Cushing


Duncan Sinclair


Angela Drainville

Michele Emslie

Guin Lalena

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